20 steps to a successful event

Been to some interesting events over recent months and have managed a fair share myself.

If you’re considering using seminars, conferences and networking events as a tool in your promotional mix, don’t sour your reputation by putting on a poor show.

Follow this guide to plan, promote and deliver impact events.

Pre event

1. Consider your audience, their needs and where they are.

2. Offer an interesting, relevant topic, ideally with business cases and not academic related.

3. Book an engaging, passionate speaker

4. Select an interesting venue (it’s part of the draw – but not a bar!) i.e. business schools, museums, town halls, football grounds, new business premises etc with optional tours.
5. Offer online booking

6. Offer early bird, group and recommendation discounts.

7. Provide real time attendee information – so people can see who else is attending.

8. Use Linkedin groups to promote your event to your audience.

9. Consider partnering / sponsorship opportunities to cover costs and maximize exposure.

At the event

9. Offer drinks and nibbles.

10.  Provide sufficient time for networking pre & post, especially if a presentation is involved.

11. Consider building in some structure if it is a solely networking event i.e. regular 5 minutes with whoever is stood to your left.

12. Circulate a delegate list on the day

13. Give delegates large, readable name badges with their name, company and title/interest.

14. Provide sufficient time for Q&A if a presentation is involved.

15. Remember to thank sponsors, venue, caterers.

16. Ask for feedback on the night via feedback forms.

Post event

17. Make speaker notes available to all attendees.

18. Give additional opportunity to feedback.

19. Send out a press release and post feedback on your website & social networks.

20. Start planning your next event.

3 thoughts on “20 steps to a successful event

  1. Disappointed in this one. Bit glib, too general, sucking eggs for most of us.

    Normally your work is excellent and insightful, this looks like a cut and paste.

  2. The beauty of a blog is people can be honest. True, if you’re an event planner, this one is going to come over as basic.

    But to be honest this blog isnt aimed at the marketing educated – and you know this because you have been reading it for sometime. It is aimed at new marketing managers, sales managers, MDs and business owners who want to market but never schooled in it.

    Appreciate your comments about previous work but using words like ‘cut and paste’ are an insult. It isn’t a cut and paste, its a 20 step guide…with 20 steps.

    The reasoning for writing it came from attending 5 events in the last fortnight which probably missed at least ten of these steps out.

    I can tell from my networking offline and online that more and more companies are considering running events, seminars etc as a way to improve their profile but they don’t necessarily know how to go about it or have the experience to do it well.

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