2012 resolutions and commitments

Seth Godin explained yesterday the importance of commitment. To me, making a commitment and making a resolution are different – commitments are long term, new year’s resolutions by their nature are short-lived and likely to fail.

And Marc and Angel Hack Life offered great advice on ways to achieve better balance, productivity and all round well being in 2012.

What do you want to achieve in 2012? Do you shoot small (realistic, in the niche) or reach for the skies? Whatever your resolution, it needs commitment, otherwise it is an empty self promise destined for failure.

For what it’s worth and to give me something to check back on through 2012, here are mine.

1. Create a blog (and wider online brand) for The Marketing Assassin that adds value to the people that come across it and come to rely on it. Facebook page? Linkedin group? YouTube channel? Slideshare page? Downloadable free and paid  content? Yup, all in time.

2. Write 150 blog posts here in 2012 (that’s 3 a week). All, more provocative and hopefully more useful than the 330 which have gone before. (Helpfully, WordPress has just kindly sent me some killer statistics on what my readers like!)

3. Publish a book. Expect it by the middle of the year. The topic and platform you’ll have to wait for. There will be deal for subscribers, contributors and fans.

4. Build profile as an authority on digital and integrated B2B marketing at conferences and seminars throughout 2012.

5. Secure additional blog and column writing opportunities on digital and integrated B2B marketing.

I hope you join me for the ride. And I hope you can share the ride with people who you are in turn riding with!

Let’s make it a year to remember.

5 thoughts on “2012 resolutions and commitments

  1. Nothing about learning?
    Exploring new horizons, rather than simply talking about old ones?

    That will condemn you to being a bore – talking in a variety of ways about the same old stuff. Not the way to be a thought leader.

  2. Thanks, as ever Peter, for keeping me on track. I’m learning and challenging myself every day as I think the plan above suggests. I don’t think it says anything about talking in a variety of ways about the same old stuff but using a range of platforms to deliver improved useful content. Do feel free to feedback further down the line.

  3. Thanks Rene, a great post again and further inspiration to develop my own blog this year (once final CIM postgrad assignment done!)

    I think your blog sets the benchmark – fantastic effort in maintaining the quality and staying the course. Varied and interesting content, always relevant. This is not meant as mawkish praise, I’m just impressed – thank you! :)

    • Thanks for your comments and glad it helps. Must admit it is incredibly time consuming but a means to an end! Let me know when you’re up and running.

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