Are large B2B companies any better at digital marketing?

A blog post this week looking at how the top 500 Fortune B2B companies approach digital marketing made for interesting reading.

Featured on Matthew Sweezey’s research painted a detailed picture of poor execution when it comes to critical areas like data capture, conversion and follow up. Only 25% of companies were routinely using forms within their content to stimulate engagement and discussion, most used forms for general conversion but asked way too many unnecessary questions creating a barrier to conversion. And, only 55% followed up a web based enquiry within 48 hours.















Most of us don’t work for Fortune 500 or FTSE 100 companies. But this data is relevant because it highlights the golden opportunity for us in smaller enterprises, and how a little technical know-how and application could go a long way in improving outbound marketing, lead generation, conversion and customer service.

As most of us are not the leader in our chosen field, we have to be nimble and agile to take advantage of opportunities that come our way. It’s encouraging that larger companies, it seems, are not always so responsive and attentive to customer needs.

Perhaps you can see one or two things in this that you can use to your benefit as you market yourself, your business, your products and services over the coming months. It’s certainly given me something to ponder on.

Do you work for a large company? Is the digital marketing better/worse/easier/harder?


4 thoughts on “Are large B2B companies any better at digital marketing?

  1. This data surprises me. The big brands got to where they through good marketing (or at least played a pivitol role). The expectation, certainly from me, is that the marketing infrastructure at these firms is on the money be it the smarts, sales/marketing relationships, processes and work flow, marketing automation, whatever.

    Then it really doesn’t surprise me. These are big brands. Perhaps it’s simply arrogance. Perhaps its sheer volume of leads which allows for wastage yet still meet targets. Who knows.

    I’ve never worked for company of this size. But I’ve been at the receiving end of the behemoth vs agile and nimble. About 18 months ago I was scoping out a new CRM. I contacted both SAP and Salesforce via their respective sites. Salesforce responded in about an hour. I’m still to hear from SAP. Speaks volumes.

    This data alone should be enough for any SME/challenger to craft their mark on their respective market. I, for one, am.

    • I think there is a judgement call when it comes to releasing content. Hubspot are masters – they probably put too much out there, rarely follow up but have a vast database of ‘prospects’. Other companies do the polar opposite and insist on contact data before exchange. I think there are lots of opportunities in the middle but we should remember why it is we do what we do.

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