Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing

If you are committed to being a better B2B marketer, you should look no further than my new Kindle eBook BRILLIANT B2B DIGITAL MARKETING, co-authored with Dr Dave Chaffey.

Across seven chapters and 440 full colour, best practice laden pages, we lay out the whys and hows of creating a digital strategy for your business and how to apply this to your website, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media, CRM, email and metrics and evaluation.

The book will help you answer the following thorny questions and to forge a digital path forward:

1. How do I pull together a digital marketing strategy and what should I include?

2. Do I have the right goals in place to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of different digital marketing tools?

3. Is my website working as hard as it should and can my business be easily found online?

4. How can I put expertise and credibility at the heart of my positioning?

5. How can I best deploy social media tools and which ones are most appropriate for my business?

6. Is all the traffic coming to my site being converted? How can I improve this with better email and landing page call to action?

7.  How can I use analytics and other tools to measure & improve future digital marketing?

There are lots of examples from real nuts and bolts B2B companies including The Engineer, Blackberry, BOC, UPS, Oliver Valves, Acer, Dell, Barclaycard, Skanska, Mint, Github, Ocean Spray ITG, RS Components, Salesforce, Atlas Copco, Mettler Toledo, BASF, Smart Insights, Nokia Siemens Networks, Espresso, BrightTalk, William Reed, Tata Steel, GE, Eloqua, HML, Packworld, Corning, Knauf, 3M, BDB, o2, PWC, Ingersoll Rand, Cisco, Saint Gobain, tna, The Construction Network, Gorvins Solicitors, Meltwater, Tyco, Claremont Interiors Group, Anglian, Google, Egan Reid, Hubspot, Experian, Active Profile, Perkin Elmer, Adobe, MarketBright, Marketo, Yahoo!, ThreeUK, Klout, Litmus.

If you need more convincing, check out this webinar and these slides.

Make sure you have a Kindle (or the free Kindle app downloaded to your device of choice), then go look inside at the first chapter on Amazon today.

It’s less than a large create your own Domino’s pizza and will have a much better long term impact on you! And, you may even be able to put it on expenses!

Thanks for your time. If you do take a copy, I’d love to know what you think. Amazon reviews and Linkedin testimonials also gratefully received…and remembered!