Does execution eat strategy for breakfast?

Peter Thomson thinks so with this thought provoking slide set looking at the importance of delivery above all else. Some areas of potential disagreement but the tenants are sound. Happy customers often become repeat customers. Take charge of ensuring you can get your product into their hand when they need it (the Coke approach).

It all looks great for consumer marketers, but what about b2b where the procurement process is more involved, more considered and more decentralised, influenced by many different individuals with different needs?

2 thoughts on “Does execution eat strategy for breakfast?

  1. Great question as to whether the last mile is as important in b2b marketing as it is in b2c marketing. Funnily enough ‘Execution Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ was created for b2b marketers because they don’t usually get it. Consumer marketers have to get it, or die trying.

    A key b2b marketing principle is that you are still marketing to human beings, even if your product has to go through a requisitions committee, a business case and a procurement manager. The call to action for b2b marketers is to seek out the one or two key moments in the sales process when everything comes down to the crunch. Focus your marketing on winning those key moments.

    • Peter, it was a great and thought provoking slide set. Thanks for contributing that and here. I’m glad of the connection.

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