Going beyond the status update – content marketing for b2b marketers

So this is my first blog post in a while since migrating the blog in it’s entirety from wordpress.com to a self hosted platform.

I wanted to share my presentation from the recent B2B Marketing Summit, in London on 14 June 2012. At this multi stream event, 150 b2b marketers had the opportunity to attend conference presentation across 4 streams including content marketing, social media, data and lead nurture and generation.

In opening up the day in the content marketing stream, I talked around an eight step approach to get people thinking more strategically about content – focusing on audience and their information needs at different stages of the buying process.

Please share the presentation if you agree with the central proposition and offer a comment or two on your own b2b content marketing challenges below.

One thought on “Going beyond the status update – content marketing for b2b marketers

  1. Thank you for an inspiring and well structured overview!
    I believe that the UK is still a few steps ahead of us here in Sweden although we can see that the interest in content marketing is maturing. Would love to understand the background of slide 7: who conducted the survey, is which segment/market etc?
    Thanks, Malin

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