On commitment and habits…

In my first post of 2015 I talked about the tangible differences between resolutions, goals and objectives. Hopefully, you’re sticking with whatever you set out to achieve. Hopefully, you’re committing.

Commitment is the secret sauce in achieving success. Commitment is the way we can turn a hope or a desire into a regular habit.

If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that I have created my own 30 day “run 5k every day” challenge for this month.

This goal has been deliberately conceived to exercise every day, achieve a distance over the course of a month and force myself to get out and achieve it.

And, very publicly committing myself to this very specific goal is having an incredible effect on my efforts to achieve it. I’m getting engagement from people close to me as well as people far removed.

It is forcing me to lace up and run when I really don’t feel like it in the knowledge that I will need to be posting the update later in the day. I’ve also gone from doing little running in the previous two months to completing a minimum of 35k a week.

I’m using the brilliant and free Nike+ app for iPhone which tracks my achievement over time. I’m able to see and share incremental increases. 

The data tracks my commitment and the improvement over time acts as a terrific incentive and what this has shown me is the importance of setting daily targets.

What is clear from this experiment is that only by doing something on a daily basis can it become a habit – and when you extrapolate forward, this can help transform bad habits become good habits.

This is a personal account. But it’s relevant at a time of year when there is lot of the talk about New Year’s resolutions and how we are often setting ourselves up to fail.

One of the biggest barriers to achieving goals in life – whether it is conquering the fear of writing the first book, keeping a blog going, hitting the stage, starting up a business or any other type of the stressful situation – is keeping it to yourself.

By sharing and asking for help, asking for feedback, drawing on your friends and family and support network to help you, you’re much more likely to set out on a path to success.

How can you start making big changes by taking small daily steps?

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