Pleasing everyone risks pleasing no one

I was pleased to learn today that I lost an email subscriber to this blog.

Pleased, because periodically over recent years, he came to the blog and made a nuisance of himself. Watching him interact on Linkedin in a number of groups we share has also increasingly shown him to be a progressively angry old man.

In fairness, he wasn’t who this blog is intended for. I write for the open minded. For marketers and business owners selling products and services to other businesses and empowered to make changes to the business and marketing approaches. A good many professionals sadly don’t fall into this category. Tellingly, I write about the urgent topics and challenges I find myself grappling with.

Writing for everyone is the pathway to a disgruntled audience and one pretty lame blog.

There is a marketing lesson in this I think. Who do you want to write for? What do they need to read? What interests them? And how can your experiences, your expertise, skills, knowledge and advice, help them?

You may well be surprised by the answers.

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