Propagating your personal brand

You’re an expert in what you do.

Online, you might have a profile on MySpace or Facebook. You’ve realised it is important joining the debate on Linkedin, using it as a way of building your credibility and reach. You post the occasional blog, answer a question and contribute to some industry facing groups.

You may have a Twitter account and post links to content relevant about what you do to people who may be following you.

If you’re more switched on you might have some content lodged on sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Slideshare.

But do you have these listed on your business card? Are they in your email footer? If not, you’re missing two golden opportunities to propagate your brand and expertise.

Don’t settle for guidelines dictated to you by the corporate design police in your company. Extol the virtues and importance of these things to senior management and encourage their use.

Promoting your use of these technologies demonstrates your understanding, shows you are forward thinking as an individual, as well as a business, and that you are prepared to engage and enter into a discussion with your customers.

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