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If this summer is anything to go by, I’m convinced UK PLC is powering gingerly back into life. At my agency, we’ve had a crazy busy period with an unrivalled number of tenders, pitches and proposals for new client prospects as well as clients entering early stage planning for new campaign periods.

What has been clear is that the wheels of business in a range of sectors that have struggled for several years, have finally started turning. Marketing, as we know, is often one of the first casualties of recession, so an increase in tenders, pitches and proposals is a real barometer of confidence.

But marketing is getting ever more challenging as a discipline. Buyers have greater choice than at any time previous and are much more aware of those choices.

Standing out has never been more important or more urgent. But how you do it determines how successful you’ll be. Tapping into the search mentality of the modern buyer and their quest for problem solving information is one of the most credible and engaging ways to do this.

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