4 thoughts on “Six ways to improve social media seminars for b2b

  1. Some great points made. I tire of people telling me how fantastic starbucks, BMW and the rest of these global multi-millin/billion pound companies are using social media, the likes of these already have a massive fanbase, setting up a page alone without posted would probably create huge numbers of likes/followers for them. Personally, I want to know how sole-traders and small businesses are using SM and getting great results.
    I’ve been assigned the task of presenting a social media talk to a group of 150 non-social media users (although I’m sure that they will be several already using it in some form) so will be going right back to basics, however I think the points you make are excellent and would look to use them with a less novice audience.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Cheers for stopping by. I’d love to talk to 150 fairly new users. Great opportunity. If you get a chance, and its business to business run a search for the best b2b social media tools I wrote across November and December ’10. Might help. Keep in touch.

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