Social media is dead. Long live social media ROI.

I’m giving a conference presentation on social media use in b2b marketing and PR today. (Doesn’t stop a guy blogging though!)

This great deck from Stefanos Karagos backs up a lot of what I’m going to be talking about in terms of planning out social media use in the same way you would with any other marketing activity, setting objectives and KPIs on which to judge success. Firming up your audience, the content that is going to engage them and the platforms and tools to deliver it.

But hang on, what’s the return? Find out more in here. Illuminating and interesting stuff.


6 thoughts on “Social media is dead. Long live social media ROI.

  1. Awesome slideshow Rene, thanks for sharing. I had a good laugh. It’s amazing how many times I hear that social media is “free”.

    I hope you have a great presentation 😉 Go ROI!

    • Sorry Fiona, this one was lost in the spam folder. WordPress – how rude! I liked this one, and you’re right there is a time investment. I’m finding lots of people forget that so much goes on once you post something!

  2. Just been having a read of Social Media ROI. Brilliant book and that’s a nice slideshow there.

    Goodluck with your presentation, let us know how it goes.

  3. I was delayed in reading this, but very good. I found the bit about looking for patterns very helpful. So have analysed my Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights a bit closer to see what has the greatest response.

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