Links worth a click #14

In the week where Richard Branson got his hands on Northern Rock, and Tesco and Asda fought in the digital space (Tesco with new AR and Asda with a transactional and price comparison iPhone app), here are some of the other interesting digital marketing related things that caught me eye.

Love this from the Twitter blog. They tracked who was talking about 11.11.11 on 11 November 2011. It’s an interesting animation showing the reach of Twitter, the power of hashtags and trends and how they can go global – all in thirty seconds of animation.

If you are considering, or are already running your own Linkedin groups, you might like to know that there is now an analytics dashboard for group managers, released this week. Offers some great demographics of your members.

Another day another infographic. This one provides some quotable statistics on who is using Facebook and Twitter. Gender, age, income, location and frequency, there will be a stat in here for everyone.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find objective search results from Google now we’re all logged in. A new tool, hidden away in the search menu called Verbatim might just be able to help you find what you want rather than what Google or your friends think you want.


Don’t believe the hype

Apple iPhone OS 4 upgrade with the antennae covering, hand grip design flaw. Messi, Ronaldo, Torres and Rooney, the world’s top footballers failing to ignite the World Cup in South Africa. The Sunday Times going down the paid content route.

What do they have in common? Hype.

Hype generates interest. Hype gets you headlines. Hype sell dreams. Hype is immediate, short lived, quickly forgotten. Hype though, built around most products and services (if we remove all emotional bias) frequently disappoints.

Substance, on the other hand, engages.  Substance attracts, informs, educates. Substance excites customers, lands business, delivers respect. Substance is standing for something and devoting yourself to being the best, fastest, quickest, pioneering, easiest or most widespread. Substance is the route to building durable, sustainable business relationships and life long customers,

So, building marketing campaigns with substance must be the only credible approach in this, the era of choice.