What do you want from a marketing blog – poll feedback

Thanks to everyone who took the poll on Linkedin and took the time to add a comment as well. All feedback gratefully received.

It’s fairly unanimous that marketers look for information that is going to enrich them in their roles and stimulate fresh thinking and new ideas when reading blogs and websites online.

Some really interesting comments threw up how how to and best practice focused articles could actually draw on case study experience, even drawn from an interview!

So not entirely cut and dry but one thing is clear – people don’t want theory, they want real world experience they can learn and benchmark against.

Looking forward to implementing this insight into my future blogging. Thanks again for contributing.


What do you want from a marketing blog?


I’m running a survey on Linkedin right now, soliciting feedback from people operating in and around the sales and marketing environment.

The poll is one question and I’d love for you to stop by and take a moment to have your say.


Please click this link and you should arrive on the page.

The poll runs until 15 June 2011. Thanks for your input.