But, do you really need another million?

Marketers often bemoan the fact that they don’t have enough money to implement the marketing campaigns they would like. None more than in b2b sectors.

It’s true that we always want more money for our marketing budget, but if it was given to you right now, what would you do with it?

No, really, what would you do with it? Invest in more telesales people, more disruption advertising, more PR, more direct mail to convince that niche audience to transact with you? Larger exhibition stands, a rebrand, ‘social media’? Some focus groups? How about a promotion with lots of giveaways? There’s an abundance of choice.

But, rather than bemoan the fact you never have enough, why not prove it?

As ¬†a way of expressing value and return to a sceptical management team, you might think creatively the next time you submit a budget. For one, don’t wait till the day they ask you. Do it early. Shows initiative and preparedness.

And don’t work within the budget assigned, triple it. Show the outputs and outcomes that will be achieved. Then half it (and the outputs and outcomes), and then half it again. At each stage, illustrate the opportunities lost, the products in the range left unsupported, the sectors left unengaged.

Review where the leads come from.¬†Critically assess the things you do year in, year out and ask why you’re doing them? It’s no surprise that advertising and trade shows are commonly the first things cut from marketing plans. Expensive and arguably self absorbed.

Asking for more money is just cheap.