Why you need to take the initiative and create

My current inspiration is Seth Godin’s latest work Poke the Box, in which he contends that the only way to differentiate in the modern business economy is to deliver. To try something new. Something different. Something challenging. In short, to take the initiative, not wait, and do something.

[As an aside, take a look at the previews and video in the link above, especially if you haven’t come across his work before. It’s illuminating].

This idea of taking initiative is a compelling argument. Initiative drives creation. We all have the capacity to create or be creative. Most of us probably claim to do it, but probably don’t.

It is assumed that creating takes time and resource, and that you need to be in some way artistic. It opens us up to criticism that we don’t want or can’t bear. So we hide, we do the jobs we are assigned, we play safe. We keep our heads below the parapet. And we end up frustrated.

Until recently it didn’t dawn on me that I’m creative. I write a blog. I contribute to other people’s blogs. I’m active in networking groups and engage many interesting people on Twitter. I’m putting myself in front of different groups and presenting them with new, even challenging ideas. I challenge my peers with new ways of working, new opportunities. I’m teaching myself website development, WordPress, design and Photoshop. And I’m developing content for different online platforms, in different formats.

In short, you don’t have to be creative to create. Creating is a mindset, a willingness to look at things differently. And initiative is the fuel, the permission to do it.

The thing is, and as Seth argues, initiative doesn’t need to be bestowed, it comes from you.

So what are you waiting for? What are you going to create today?


My Twitter week (w/e 6 March 2011)

A belated post (everthing seems to be belated at the moment with two boys and a marathon to consider!)

Monday was Oscar’s fall out day, where The Social Network missed out on the biggies. It was fascinating watching the breakfast shows falling over themselves to get a minute with the celebrities attending the post Oscar’s parties. Quite why people like Jamie Oliver and Katie Price were there remains beyond me.

In the Twittersphere, Econsultancy were remarking on another brand penalised for dodgy SEO practice, this time JC Penney. Be warned, like TV licence vans, they get you eventually. New rules on product placement on British TV were unveiled, paving the way for fries with everything.

Tuesday came with news that The ASA is now including online campaigns, websites and email marketing within its policing claims remit.

Wednesday, I headed to Technology for Marketing and Advertising at Earls Court. If you missed my write-ups, head over the BDB Blog or click here and then here. There was still time (and wifi) to pick up the ‘official’ launch of Seth Godin’s new output from his publishing Domino Project, a new book called Poke the Box.

Thursday saw Charlie Sheen‘s Guinness Book of Records entry following his tigerblood enfused Twitter antics hit the mass media.

On Friday, a genius Royal Wedding cash-in was unveiled in the form of two stories centred on new Mr Men character Little Miss Princess. The ever inspiring @oneforty posted a blog on 8 Ways to Use Social Media to Track Your Competition.

What have you been reading and sharing in the last seven days?