Tips on marketing, innovation and being remarkable

Two great takeaways in this slide set I spotted during this week’s review of the latest uploads to Slideshare, in addition to the great embedded YouTube video functionality half way through.

1. Work on your elevator pitch. Conventional wisdom says you have 30-60 seconds to get across what you do. Maybe if you work in Canary Wharf. The rest of us probably have 10 seconds max.

2. Slides 21+ – first doesn’t win and remarkable beats first every time.

Kudos to Charlie Wollborg


The 5 rules of social media

A great example of a short, snappy insightful Slideshare this week, focusing on five ways to get the most out of social media. What it might lack in terms of direction on using which tools, it more than makes up for in its overall approach. Kudos to Miki Lumnitz.