My Twitter Week (we 25 March 2011)

In the week the iPad 2 went on sale in the UK, here are links below to some of the content that engaged, intrigued and even enraged me over the last seven days.

What have you been reading that you want to share with the world?

Monday: I stumbled across (using StumbleUpon) a smart site called where I fairly promptly wrote myself a letter that will be emailed to me in a year’s time. I went for the short term but you work a lot further into the future. It will be interesting to see what has developed, changed, improved.

Tuesday: I was alarmed to read on Social Media Examiner that an Alterian survey claimed that most marketers are clueless about social media conversations. Surely not knowing what is being said you, your brand and your company is increasingly about as neglectful as it gets!

Wednesday: Two bits of ‘big number’ news on Wednesday. First that Linkedin hit 100m users followed swiftly by news that The BBC has received over 50,000 applications for 500 positions in Manchester. Maybe they need to fast track some HR appointments to help start the sifting process.

Thursday: I spent the day at Social Media Academy’s Manchester conference, where I gave a talk on social media for b2b marketers. My slides are here, a blog post covering all the day’s presentations is here.

Friday: The ever readable Seth Godin mused on whether businesses and individuals try to get away with less rather than trying to do more. Which camp do you fall into?

More next week!


Top Tweets of the Week (we 14 Jan 2011)

There have been some really interesting links to great content shared on Twitter this week. Here are my top picks.

MONDAY: Ten ways to deal with bad publicity A shortlist from the Management Today website offering a short and specific 10 point plan to avoiding a BP style PR catastrophe.

TUESDAY:  Why Location Is About More than the Check-In A great piece from Twitter handler @eMarketer explaining the growing business benefits to using services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places and others to promote your business.

TUESDAY:  How to Generate Inbound Leads with No Editorial Department via the ever-readable @HubSpot. A great piece of collective thinking, contribution and collaboration.

WEDNESDAY: 13 Must-Watch Marketing TED Presentations via @HubSpot. As simple as it suggests, make up a cafetiere and plug in to illuminating presentations from business leaders including Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson and Rory Sutherland.

WEDNESDAY: The 10 Best Corporate Blogs in the World Twitter handler @markwschaefer. Some great case studies and clear thinking on how to tickle a difficult but important element of your company’s marketing activity!

THURSDAY: Liked Viral Marketing Tips for B2B Success via @B2Bbloggers. As it says on the tin, some great advice on getting your content taken up by target audiences.

FRIDAY: An excellent A-Z guide to Enhancing your Linkedin Experience via @smexaminer. If you use Linkedin solely as an online CV you’re really missing out. Take a look at this expansive guide to getting the most out of this evolving platform.

Top Tweets of the Week (we 7 Jan 2011)

Monday 3 Jan: I liked Seth’s blog called ‘Maybe next year’ because it was about ignoring the little voice in your head and all the doom merchants. Read this and get off your backside: Seth’s Blog: ‘Maybe next year’ via @ThisIsSethsBlog

Tuesday 4 Jan: I signed up to the WordPress Postaday initiative for 2011 this week. They have set up  cool daily blog full of blogging inspiration to help avoid blogger avoid writers block. Check it out here

Wednesday 5 Jan:  I retweeted this from @BtoBSocialMedia on How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel in 10 Minutes because video as we know brings websites, blogs, interaction and engagement to life

Thursday 6 Jan: Thought this link provided a useful guide to Twitter newbies and a refresher to those who have been active for a while, via @PublicityGuru: 50 Ways to FAIL On Twitter

Fridy 7 Jan: I love a good white paper and the guys at @KomoriAmerica have put together a cracker on good social media, especially useful for those operating in b2b marketing

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 8 Nov)

Some links I thought might be worthy of your click. All self explanatory. Enjoy.

Monday: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Do more vs. do better

Wednesday: RT @BtoBSocialMedia: 6 Social Media Marketing Goals You May Be Over-Looking

Wednesday: A must read: Six steps to thought leadership

Wednesday: RT @markwschaefer Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it

Thursday: How to Use StumbleUpon: Your Comprehensive Guide

Thursday: How to Explain the Value of Content Marketing

And finally: A candidate for the cheekiest touchdown ever?

Top Tweets of the Week (8 Oct 2010)

More from the Twitterati that I think is worthy of your attention.

A real social media related feast this week – especially useful for the doubters and detractors, but also as a timely reminder to the more open minded. Hope you all had a good week, and as ever that these links (in brackets) provide some inspiration.

Monday – RT @Econsultancy: The demise of the new media empire? (

Tuesday – 5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Small Business (

Wednesday – Approach your next task differently from Seth’s Blog: Next! ( RT @ThisIsSethsBlog

Thursday – Interesting RT @OnlineMediaTips: How Businesses should use social media – A Slideshare presentation (

Thursday – RT @smb2b Pros and Cons of Blocking Social Media at Your B2B Company (

Friday – Brilliant RT @TweetSmarter: Superman’s social network nightmare (

Top Tweets of the Week (24 Sept 2010)

Week two of my Top Tweets of the Week. Hope they inspire your thinking as they have me. Enjoy.

Monday: 6 great ways to enliven your presentation Sourced from @PaulSloane

Monday: 10 B2B Social Media Case Studies and Examples Sourced from @smb2b

Tuesday: Brian Solis The implications of socialisation of business Sourced from

Tuesday:  Seths blog The Forever Recession Sourced from @ThisIsSethsBlog

Wednesday: Slideshare presentation : Social Media for Branding

Thursday: Interesting YouTube video: B2b marketing is changing

Friday: 7 Steps to Increasing The Impact Of Your Business or Corporate Blog Sourced from @DaveChaffey, @smartinsights

Top Tweets of the Week (17 Sept 2010)

As I get an enormous amount of useful information from people I follow on Twitter, every Friday I’m going to try and provide my Top 5 Tweets of the Week. Regular readers might view it as a bit of a kop out, but hey, it’s a Friday! There will still be 2-3 other great and insightful posts through the week.

As you’ve come to expect on this blog, Top Tweets will cover the areas of marketing, digital marketing, business and personal and professional development.

Monday: 29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed Sourced from @CIMWorldwide: via @mashsocialmedia @mashable

Tuesday: Like reading b2b marketing blogs? Here are 344 to choose from Sourced from @GalenDY Proteus B2B

Wednesday: Seth’s Blog: Self-delusion and self-loathing Sourced from @ThisIsSethsBlog

Thursday: Interesting view on content curation – the quick way to blogging Sourced from @smexaminer

Thursday: Ten ways to re-energise your blog Sourced from @smb2b

And a special mention to @brookhouse for The Andrew L Daily from Tuesday  ▸ featuring Marketing Metrics 8: Email marketing as a feature story.

A great example of content curation and blogging in action! I’m looking at distribution as a result!

Hope they all inspire you as they have me.