How to develop B2B social media marketing brand guidelines

Join me for a special B2B marketing focused online event on 31st January at 15.00 GMT, when I give a 90-minute webinar for B2B Marketing Magazine, the UK’s premier business marketing publication on getting the most from social media for business.

I’ll be running a session designed to help attending delegates

  • Improve their understanding of the benefits and risks associated with social media
  • Appreciate the importance and differing roles of individuals within a business and how all can and should play a part in company social engagement
  • Develop guidelines to maximise opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Present the core elements of a social media engagement plan
  • Place valuable content at the heart of a social media plan
  • Measure and evaluate social media success
  • Effectively use social media channels to build community and grow their business

If you’re smart, you might register one user, set up in a conference room and get your whole team around the screen.

And, if you operate in industrial and trade B2B marketing, look out for a number of examples from a range of engineering and manufacturing sectors that might give you some creative stimulus.

I hope you can join us as it is unlikely this content will be made available post-event.

Playing by the social media rules

I talk about the Internet and Internet marketing alot. That’s because it offers an incredible way to breakthrough, to create, build, promote and defend a brand – whether business or personal. Google yourself, your company or your brand and see for yourself.

But it also contains inherent dangers for the modern brand manager. Aside from the more distasteful elements permitted by a self-policing environment, I think marketers in particular have to be very careful about the risks of over communicating, over promoting, over sharing and over networking.

If in doubt, ask Kenneth Cole about his inappropriate tweeting. Or Honda, Taco Bell, Asus, Dominos or Belkin about how they used sites like Facebook and YouTube in the past before realising the error of their ways. Even brands like Habitat have fallen foul of not playing by the rules too.

The golden rule of social media marketing (if there is one) must surely be to use common sense. Read things out loud before you post them. Would you say it in front of your colleagues, boss, customers?┬áIf not, it probably shouldn’t be posted either.

To help, Econsultancy recently shared their social media guidelines which they work in conjunction with internally. It’s a snappy and straight forward list which offers some direction but also some flexibility for creative thinking. Check it out.

Image: EmanuelFernandes