Social media hits and misses

Today, a great little slide set from Custom Communication which charts the developments in the social media space over recent years, highlighting which innovators stayed the course and which fell at the early fences.

What is interesting, like in so many sectors, is how in most cases whether it’s social networking, images, blogging, location etc, the early innovators no longer lead the way. Whether that means you should wait rather than innovate, I’m not sure, you just have to be prepared to be flexible when change is demanded. And few areas are needing flexibility more than the online social space right now.


The 5 rules of social media

A great example of a short, snappy insightful Slideshare this week, focusing on five ways to get the most out of social media. What it might lack in terms of direction on using which tools, it more than makes up for in its overall approach. Kudos to Miki Lumnitz.