New talk: Linkedin business essentials, 2nd December, Manchester

Linkedin is a phenomenal tool for building and fuelling networks and I’ll be talking at Innov8’s Social Media Conference on 2nd December – taking the group on a whistle-stop tour of the primary considerations when creating a profile, building a network and growing business through expertise and thought leadership using Linkedin.

With a recognised All-Star Linkedin profile, it promises to be an ideas packed, dynamic session that includes guidance for professionals on:

– Setting your profile up in the right way

– Using status updates

– Advanced search

– Connection etiquette

– Making the most of groups

– Publishing on Linkedin

– Making more of your business page

I hope you can join us. For more information and booking information, please visit 

New talk: Bootcamp – The role of PR in digital marketing, 5th November (Manchester)

PR & blogging

Join me on the 5th November at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, (All Saints Campus, Oxford Road) as I deliver some new content aimed at closing up the gap between PR and digital marketing. 

Session details:

The huge focus on social media marketing may have overshadowed the key principles and best practice of PR as a discipline. In this bootcamp we review the critical role of traditional PR techniques in the digital marketing context with leading exponents of the art of PR in digital marketing. Learning key tips, advice and best practice to apply in your own role with the author of Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing and some special guests.

The session will cover:

• Managing a crisis online
• How to measure and evaluate your PR activity
• Is conventional media still relevant in the social media age?
• How to make your organisation’s blog more effective, drive more traffic to it, and make it work from an SEO point of view


Registration is from 09:00; the event starts at 09:30 and finishes at 13:30. Click here for more information and booking details.

New talk: Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing, MADE, Sheffield 21st October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 08.22.11If you’ve been waiting for a B2B digital marketing focused event to come to Sheffield THIS IS IT! 

I’m bringing an updated and super practical Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing presentation to approx. 300 people at the Memorial Hall on 21st October, the night before MADE.

Session details:

Most businesses in the UK are established to sell products and services to each other. But outside the major multinationals and technology brands, there is a dearth of useful B2B marketing advice for grass roots marketers to draw upon.

Part of the MADE Festival of Entrepreneurship, I’ll be taking delegates through my seven step B2B digital marketing approach.

Honed from a career working in, and with, a range of diverse B2B companies, it’s going to be an example packed session, delivered to inspire, so show how to use digital tools to raise profile, drive engagement and generate business leads.

You’ll leave brimming with ideas to kick start your business marketing in areas including digital strategy, websites, search, content marketing, social media, conversion rate optimisation and measurement.

Delegates also have a chance to get an exclusive PDF copy of Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing 220 page e-book, created in conjunction with Dave Chaffey’s Smart Insights.

Registration is from 18:00; the event starts at 18:30 and finishes at 20:00. Click here for more information and to book your seat.


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B2B influencer marketing (creating a buzz through others)

I’m thrilled to be announcing a new webinar in conjunction with B2B Marketing Magazine, which will be taking place on 20th November as part of their all-new tailored B2B training programme.

I see influencer marketing becoming a core staple of the evolving B2B marketing mix as referral, recommendation and advocacy become ever more critical to the success or failure of brands.

I think marketers who see influencer marketing as a PR tactic are missing a golden opportunity to position their business and its products and services in a way to add value by solving real world customer problems. Tapping into trusted voices and channels is a powerful way of serving credible communications to the right people at the right time.

I’m finalising a very practical session laced with real-world examples and practical application and will be exploring the nature of importance and why it is important in B2B sales cycles, what influencer marketing is, what it involves, who it should target, how to go about it and to evaluate the success of it.

Some specifics include:

– Understanding what influencer marketing is and how B2B brands can benefit

– Identifying and ranking influencers

– Communicating with influencers

– Measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing programmes

Falling at a perfect time for many marketers’ planning cycles, I hope you (and your team) can join us on 20th November 14:00 GMT. More information can be found at

PS: I’m looking for 1-2 companies to profile. Are you active in influencer marketing or have seen some brands doing some cool things in this area?

Training Day

We’ve all attended dull, uninspiring training sessions. Yet we know that we are more likely to enjoy, learn and apply new techniques and thinking if it is delivered in a more engaging way. (Isn’t this why we naturally migrate towards the visual in all things viral – videos, animations, audio – and then share and discuss it with friends, family and colleagues. Because we want to be associated with the cool?)

I digress. So, how to make training and learning fun?

In preparing for some in-house training sessions, I recalled the learning pyramid I’ve used in a previous life. The statistics that underpin it are staggering.

From this, it is reasonable to deduce that any good training session needs to include a mix of presentation, demonstration and application.

Here’s how I structure even a one hour training session:

1. Introduction and pooled aims (what do attendees want out of it) – this achieves engagement.

2. A quick icebreaker (what do you know) – to establish base level of understanding . Guard against using icebreakers to soften the group socially, this can lead to a lazy session.

3. Provide some brief context (linking to aims and icebreaker) and some definitions.

4. Main presentation/lecture containing the core information you want them to take away. Keep this light and remember, repitition, repitition, repitition.

5. Optional video reinforcement. Ideally something that is either smart, cool or funny works best. Even better if it involves a brand that means something to the assembled group. Don’t run a boring corporate showreel.

6. Application exercise – the core part of the session. Breaking the group into pairs or smaller groups and encouraging them to graple with specific problems. Make it decision and time sensitive, as there is nothing like working under a bit of pressure.

7. Feedback. Ensure there is sufficient time for everyone to get their moment in the sun. It’s amazing how empowering this can make people feel, especially those team members that rarely speak up in group situations.

8. Summary. Throughout, you the trainer, are making notes ready to provide feedback and closing thoughts at the end, reinforcing the messages of the session.

9. Review of aims. Check back to the aims of the session and the content presented and discussed. Offer enough time for questions, either in the group or as a one-to-one.

10. Follow up. Statistics show that learnings tail off dramatically even three months after a training session. To combat these, provide materials, set up a working group and encourage everyone to keep talking and discussing. Ask for evaluation and tailor re-runs and refreshers in the future based on the feedback.

It all takes work, but great teachers and great training sessions are worth their wait in gold, and lead to better informed and motivated teams in your workplace.


MMC Learning digital marketing courses testimonial

Imran, Helen, Danielle and the guys at MMC Learning are doing a great job of bringing high-quality digital marketing training to the masses. Since spinning out as a university funded business a few years ago, MMC Learning is now self-sufficient and is leading the way in Internet-hosted, distance self learning.

The courses are filled with the latest content, engaging video and audio and a range of case studies and use a blended mix of online presentations, supplementary reading and application based assignments to challenge students.

I recently filmed a short testimonial for them. Whether you are new to marketing, new to digital or have a team to train, it might be worth you checking MMC Learning out.


Incidentally, this is my first ‘video’ post. I’ll be talking about the importance of video as one of the best social media tools for b2b marketers this week.

Top Tweets of the Week (w/e 3 Dec 2010)

Some useful content gleaned from the web over the last seven days. Hope it helps/inspires.

Mon: Why customer conversations and bloggers are trumping marketing copy and journalism Thanks to @KristinZhivago

Mon: What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care via @HubSpot

Tues: Recommend reading! RT @GemmaWent: 25 Ways to Use the Web to Find Content for Your Blog

Thurs: Creating a social media marketing strategy @smexaminer

Fri: RT @paulrouke: A great little list… 25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds via @Econsultancy

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 22 Nov)

Bit late on last week’s round up but here are some of the most interesting links I happened on and in fact might just be worthy of your attention.

Monday: Micro-content… content marketing for the time starved

Tuesday: People, process, technology – the 3 secrets of web optimisation

Tuesday: How to Get the M.O.S.T. From Your Social Media Marketing @smexaminer

Thursday: Why good guerrilla marketing isn’t about shock tactics – RT @utalkmarketing

Friday: Check out 9 training tips that really work from @paulwells2009

And finally, if you are a fan of The Apprentice, have you checked out the BolegBros paraodies on YouTube? If not, you are in for a treat. Prepare to write off an hour or so, though it is loosely business based!