Top Tweets of the Week (wc 24 Jan 2011)

There was some really great material circulating on the wires this week. Here’s my pick of which what interested and inspired me this week.

MONDAY: Interesting social media statistics. A re-post from the highly active @jeffbullas but worth reading if like me, you are preparing a number of client and speaking presentations and want to ground some of your social media ideas in some firm research.

MONDAY: From the B2B Marketing magazine site’s Knowledge Bank, a useful piece on using white papers in your marketing

TUESDAY: This piece from @hubspot talking about five misconceptions about marketers provoked some debate online when I put to a number of Linkedin groups

TUESDAY: A great piece illustrating how Econsultancy have put a ten point social media plan in place. via @Econsultancy

THURSDAY: Interesting tips on setting up your own podcasting show via @smexaminer

FRIDAY: How to avoid the seven deadly sins of search marketing via @utalkmarketing. Selected not just because of the content but the interesting way in which it has been written.

What did you stumble across this week worthy of having a look at?

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 17 Jan 2011)

Here are some of the more interesting links and content I discovered this week. Hope they find you well. A thought:  Isn’t it amazing that all this is right at our fingertips?

MONDAY: An ‘on the money post’ from @jeffbullas: How To Make Your Personal Brand Visible With Social Media Some great advice on which elements of social media to use to take you and your business further online.

TUESDAY: ‘Personality: The Missing Ingredient in B2B Marketing Today’ on the Savvy B2B Marketing blog, including some great high profile examples.

WEDNESDAY: ‘The power of monotony in marketing content’ was an interesting post on making sure you use, reuse, repackage and refocus your content enough online to get the most from it

THURSDAY: An inspired @Econsultancy post talking about the five clients you should avoid like the plague

FRIDAY: An interesting post on managing employees in their twenties, posted by Harvard Business School Follow the Twitter feed at @HarvardBiz.

What have you read this week that is worth sharing?


Do you need to watch what you tweet?

I don’t think many people care if I use L’oreal Men Expert face cream, prefer Cafe Nero over Costa Coffee, enjoy the occasional Bushmills over ice, or take the family to Centreparcs. But it seems when Liz Hurley, Peter Andre, Lily Allen and Jonathan Ross do it, they are deemed to be promoting brands, potentially fiddling the taxman of undeclared income.

Indeed, The Daily Mail’s ‘expose’ of celebrities apparently using their status to endorse products raises some interesting questions about use of the ultra popular micro-blogging platform for business purposes.

As we know, what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter.

So make sure you don’t use unnecessary profanity, get into arguments, post anything offensive or in contravention of data protection laws. Avoid negative comment of individuals, companies or brands and as we’ve seen above, tread carefully in matters of promotion.

If you run polls, surveys and promotions that take readers to landing pages ensure all terms and conditions cover any engagement with your business.

All these problems magnify if you tweet from a corporate account.

In a similar way to leaving an email in draft rather than sending in the heat of the moment, sometimes a little caution will save you a lot of embarrasment further down the line.

Image Zimbio

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 15 Nov)

Here are some of this week’s links worthy of your attention. Have a great weekend when you get to it!

Tuesday: RT @AronStevenson: Management Is Not Leadership #businesstips

Wednesday: This is awesome: How marketers are utilising Social Media in 2010 [infographics]

Wednesday: MUST READ: How to Get Started in Content Marketing

Thursday: Excellent RT @B2Bento: Five Social Media Trends To Watch in 2011 by @JasonFalls

Thursday: Savvy on ‘What makes on ideal b2b marketing client?

Friday: Useful…RT @sejournal 12 Tips For Using Twitter to Grow Your Business | Search Engine Journal

And finally, because its Friday…RT @GemmaCocker: Need a smile? …this is without a doubt the best vid I’ve seen all month:

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 8 Nov)

Some links I thought might be worthy of your click. All self explanatory. Enjoy.

Monday: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Do more vs. do better

Wednesday: RT @BtoBSocialMedia: 6 Social Media Marketing Goals You May Be Over-Looking

Wednesday: A must read: Six steps to thought leadership

Wednesday: RT @markwschaefer Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it

Thursday: How to Use StumbleUpon: Your Comprehensive Guide

Thursday: How to Explain the Value of Content Marketing

And finally: A candidate for the cheekiest touchdown ever?

Top Tweets of the Week (17 Sept 2010)

As I get an enormous amount of useful information from people I follow on Twitter, every Friday I’m going to try and provide my Top 5 Tweets of the Week. Regular readers might view it as a bit of a kop out, but hey, it’s a Friday! There will still be 2-3 other great and insightful posts through the week.

As you’ve come to expect on this blog, Top Tweets will cover the areas of marketing, digital marketing, business and personal and professional development.

Monday: 29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed Sourced from @CIMWorldwide: via @mashsocialmedia @mashable

Tuesday: Like reading b2b marketing blogs? Here are 344 to choose from Sourced from @GalenDY Proteus B2B

Wednesday: Seth’s Blog: Self-delusion and self-loathing Sourced from @ThisIsSethsBlog

Thursday: Interesting view on content curation – the quick way to blogging Sourced from @smexaminer

Thursday: Ten ways to re-energise your blog Sourced from @smb2b

And a special mention to @brookhouse for The Andrew L Daily from Tuesday  ▸ featuring Marketing Metrics 8: Email marketing as a feature story.

A great example of content curation and blogging in action! I’m looking at distribution as a result!

Hope they all inspire you as they have me.