Top Tweets of the Week (w/e 3 Dec 2010)

Some useful content gleaned from the web over the last seven days. Hope it helps/inspires.

Mon: Why customer conversations and bloggers are trumping marketing copy and journalism Thanks to @KristinZhivago

Mon: What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care via @HubSpot

Tues: Recommend reading! RT @GemmaWent: 25 Ways to Use the Web to Find Content for Your Blog

Thurs: Creating a social media marketing strategy @smexaminer

Fri: RT @paulrouke: A great little list… 25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds via @Econsultancy

Top Tweets of the Week (wc 22 Nov)

Bit late on last week’s round up but here are some of the most interesting links I happened on and in fact might just be worthy of your attention.

Monday: Micro-content… content marketing for the time starved

Tuesday: People, process, technology – the 3 secrets of web optimisation

Tuesday: How to Get the M.O.S.T. From Your Social Media Marketing @smexaminer

Thursday: Why good guerrilla marketing isn’t about shock tactics – RT @utalkmarketing

Friday: Check out 9 training tips that really work from @paulwells2009

And finally, if you are a fan of The Apprentice, have you checked out the BolegBros paraodies on YouTube? If not, you are in for a treat. Prepare to write off an hour or so, though it is loosely business based!